Saturday, January 24, 2015

Family holiday - Tuross Head(s)

Lake Tuross

Tuross Head Boatshed. Great coffee and fish and chips. 

We were there early and the lake was still and quiet.

I always take art supplies, books, magazines, exercise gear and notebooks with me on holidays and never use them. What with food, 2 beach trips a day, tennis on TV and car trips, the time fills up - in a nice way.

I understand a bit of how parents feel on holidays. You don't really get a break. We had my two step children and one of their friends and my two nieces in our large group.

The weather was cloudy and low to mid 20s, not really summer, but good for me as I don't like strong sun or heat. It was warm enough to swim.

As much as I avoid going to the beach, the feeling of standing in the sand with the sound of waves and the endless sky is very cathartic and relaxing. It is the sand, sunburn and heat I try to avoid.....

The excitement of the children at the seaside is also priceless as I watch my niece's increasing confidence in the sea and appreciate the precious time together for parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren.

Time to start planning the next holiday!

Sunday, January 04, 2015


Well, not sure how I feel about 2014, it was fast! I spent most of the year involved in a protracted, stressful restructure at work. Several of my colleagues took redundancy packages and left. I started September in a new role. Lots to learn but grateful I have a job while so many lost theirs last year.

I graduated with my Masters degree.

I presented at a couple of events, small but good experience.

We sold our lovely 1950's wooden caravan.

and bought a 1960's aluminium one - easier to look after. So this weekend I have been new curtains for the caravan - same fabric as the last one Frida Kahlo print.

Looking forward to a more minimalist way of life in 2015.

Less online shopping
Less e-mail and junk mail
Less food wastage

Some things I will be practising from this post in 2015:

Meditation, Healthy eating, Decluttering, Exercise, Unprocrastination, Gratitude and Creating

and some of these from here:

23 and 25 are not problems for me. I don't wear makeup on weekends and I rarely plan my weekends.

I have already started no. 9

Anyone else decluttering or 'minimising' this year?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas

We went for an alternative to the usual Christmas tree this year. As you can see in the background we are still renovating so we didn't want the hassle of a Christmas Tree to move around. 

All the best for the Christmas/Holiday break and 2015!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend away

We had a visit and night at the coast last weekend. It marked the end of a difficult period for both of us with jobs and the start of spring and a new start.

Mollymook Beach

It was very restful. Mollymook is lovely and we were lucky with the weather.

Mr Seagull



We had lots of these guys outside the hotel room - such beautiful colours....


On the way home we stopped at Mogo Zoo. I haven't been before but my husband and step-son had. It is a nice zoo, lovely surrounds, not too big and you get close to the animals.

Still don't like seeing animals in zoos but this one isn't too bad......





They had gorgeous magnolia trees at the zoo, thinking of where I can fit one in our garden now......

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Holiday blues

Wow, I had a clean out of my blog reader a few weeks ago. A lot of you have left blogging - moving on to Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter maybe? The people I met at 'Sewittogether' - Melbourne years back and other crafty bloggers I have followed over the past 8 years are slowly leaving.

Most of the blogs I follow now are home and design focused and less about people and sewing.

I am recovering from school holidays today. We have my husband's 12 year old son with us for the 2 weeks (longer over Christmas). His 18 year old sister has been living with us for 2.5 years now. I find the non-stop focus on food, shopping, planning dinner, arguing over sweets and soft-drinks hard work. Especially on top of full time work, washing -up, washing clothes etc. I struggle, I guess because I am used to my down time and my space in the house. They have been brought up eating and pretty much doing what they want to with food as a focus. I was raised differently and my friends and family appear to manage their children's diets. I am not sure how much to push this with my husband as he sees it as an attack on him if I try to restrict the 12yr old's access to sweets and soft-drink. I ended up accepting I can't change most things but made sure I left chopped carrot and fruit out all of the time, hoping he will choose those snacks over chips and sweets. He isn't over weight and does play sports so maybe I should give in?

The other battle is time playing horrid games on the computer and watching cartoons. Do you limit the time your children spend watching screens?

Beautiful day today and peaceful without the boy. Fairy wrens in the garden picking at worms dug up by hubby who is preparing soil for concrete to go around my studio.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Autumn blooms





Amazing that there are so many flowers out at the moment. All of my plants are in pots while I wait for a garden, but it is lovely to have some colour!

Autumn leaves

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fabric - free to a good home

I think there is a metre. Gorgeous blue cars fabric, med - heavy weight, with a checked border. I have a few fat quarters to throw in too.

I am happy to post anywhere in Australia - first commenter who can put it to good use gets it.

Comes from a crazy cat household, so can't promise it is entirely cat hair free.....

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Studio update

So now that I have finished my masters degree I am hoping to spend more time in my studio. I had a tidy up a few weeks back and boxes that were stored in there now have a new home in the almost finished garage.

Sewing space

Studio and cat

Bookshelves in studio

Little displays

Hat rack

Monday, February 10, 2014


I have just submitted my last assignment!! If I pass this one I'll have attained my Masters. Yay!! No more study......


Not sure what I will do but am keen on starting a garden. Worth waiting till it rains again (if ever)!!


I bought magazines today to celebrate and one involves making things!! There's a novel idea....


Or maybe I'll just take some time to enjoy my surrounds.


I still have a full time job mind you so I am not going to have time to REALLY enjoy my freedom. Although my Mr has quit his job, now if I can just get him and the 18yr old Miss to do all of the cooking, cleaning and washing ........ Hmmmm.